Landscape Management

Greenspace care is an effective way to maintain municipal compliance and provide an image that reflect a wealthy and organized corporation. Ecocare has professionals with accreditation and certification to manage its team with a documented process and specification. 

General Maintenance

Roadways, parking lots, truck bays and drive lanes require cleaning and service to remain serviceable. Litter, frost and truck torsion all require different services and treatments. Ecocare has equipment specific to asphalt and concrete, service, maintenance and repair. 

Snow & Ice Control

Snow and ice are obstacles to safe and optimal use of a property. Service is required on time and in force to manage weather events and ice accumulation consistently. Ecocare employs a fleet of snow equipment that is mobilized to achieve the objectives for each facility. Onsite monitoring, cellular web cameras and tracking software are all employed to manage winter services effectively.

Project Management

Busy facilities are in a perpetual state of use. Wear, failure and damage are a fact of a busy facility. Ecocare has engineers, technicians and construction professionals to provide quality and effective construction and repair solutions. Having the
equipment and tools with trained operators provides a quick and efficient resource to manage and correct site deficiencies.