Provide services at multiple locations




Why use Ecocare?

Incorporated in 1991 as a full service landscape contractor has evolved to provide repair and service to manage large scale facilities directly for the owner or operator without the burden of property manager issues and markups. A significant fleet of equipment is maintained at each facility dedicated to the ongoing services. Specialty equipment is shared as required for seasonal preventative maintenance and projects.

Ecocare is self-managed with the capability and capital to provide services that are time sensitive and safety compliant, focused on large facilities in the logistics industry and municipalities . Ecocare is selected by its customers to maintain and provide seasonal services in a single annual budget.

Services provided achieve the objectives of the services on an ongoing basis such as asphalt repair, exterior building services and snow management that are required to operate a facility, while supporting the core operations of that facility.

Customer requirements include significant reporting, compliance management such as water testing and salt reduction to achieve responsible operations. Reporting and service tracking are provided in real time. Ecocare employs a software team to manage and continue development of its reporting system.

Ecocare is favoured with a significant resource of experienced personnel. Administration and infield service management are supported by systems and procedures integrated to ensure service is consistent and responsive.  

Management believes safety, efficiency and profitability are integrated. It is not possible to have efficiency or profitability without safety. Workers are coached daily on best practices and vigilance. Ecocare has completed several years accident and injury free.